EPM are a company that invests in training and always tries to improve its competitiveness on the market.

EPM is responsible for training and developing the skills of people working in enterprises.

Our training projects aim to make a positive and lasting change for people - and consequently in organizations - through the acquisition and development of knowledge, skills and attitudes.

We offer customized programs designed with the individual subjects and accompanying the drafting of the project proposal.

The courses are characterized by the use of innovative and effective methodologies, which provide for a stronger involvement of the participants.

EPM along with schools, universities, companies, training agencies, research centers, educational institutions of higher secondary education and training institutions work together to ensure a high quality education and respond in an organic way and articulate the needs of a given territorial system or sectoral operations to secure new competitive scenarios, recognizing the equal dignity of all of the training providers and the strategic importance of the close connection with the areas of research and innovation and that of employment services.

It will help you easily find a qualified job with opportunities for professional growth and above all a job that involves and passionate.

It has been promoted to meet the demand for skills from businesses, ensure resources for development of the education and training system and improve the quality of training.

The purpose of the company is to promote the creation of conditions for the development of technical and professional skills of the people who work or will work in businesses in the future.

The intervention of EPM is realized through actions designed and implemented in collaboration with the actors of the educational system, research and business in the industry.

Among these in particular:
1. actions aimed at developing and upgrading the skills of both young people placed in education and training paths or in the process of participating in working life, both people who are already working;

2. actions aimed at the education system, through actions to strengthen the professional skills of the people working in the training, education and guidance, and through actions aimed to the innovation of training models.

EPM aims to help students, people looking for work, workers, parents, guidance counselors and teachers to find information about studying in Europe.


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We provide services to companies and individuals, being in the awareness to identify our customers’ real needs.

We are specialized in several fields of activity and consulting.

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