EPM is able to optimize the use of resources, balancing those consumed with the new produced.

In particular, it identifies internal efficiency in the relationship between staged production and employed factor, and an outside, meaning the ability to compete on the market and profitable weaving relationships with customers and suppliers.

We offer dedicated consultants to verify the feasibility of the goals you want to achieve, alongside serious and professional all the way.
The consulting business is value-added.

Our organization is structured to provide ad hoc responses.

Our package includes:

  • An initial check-up to find the area of intervention and the needs of the customer
  • Accomplishment Business Plan realistic
  • A schedule of activities and execution times
  • SWOT Analysis
  • An implementation ofthe Management System
  • The implementation of the same through the training of staff
  • The commissioning of the system
  • Monitoring of the activities and internal audit to verify the proper functioning

EPM can help you to receive support for the projects promoted by the European Union.

EPM creates synergies with other companies, institutions and universities.


About Us

We provide services to companies and individuals, being in the awareness to identify our customers’ real needs.

We are specialized in several fields of activity and consulting.

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