Our forward-thinking company and that reasons for an internationalization to remain competitive in the global market.

We offer the best ways to sell and expand into foreign markets.

The goal of EPM is to concretely assist the company in all its stages of development or access to foreign markets, thanks to a direct presence abroad that allows us to guarantee continuity in all operations.

EPM is a consulting company providing international business services to companies that link their international growth.

It supports companies in the internationalization process towards the global market.

This company employs a team of professionals with a background of decades of experience across sectors, with the advantage of in a profound way to know the international reality economically, socially, politically and culturally.

EPM have:

  • Direct presence in foreign markets;
  • Bilingual staff.
  • Knowledge of international regulations;
  • Strongrelations with the public and private sectors
  • Direct and continuous contact with the customer;
  • Flexibleorganizational structure;
  • High level technical skills;
  • Innovative services built on the real needs of the customer;
  • Interpersonal and communication skills

EPM accept the challenge posed by the continuous evolution of the market and was placed at the side of the entrepreneur who wants to sell or expand abroad, but that is not always in the right conditions to do so.


About Us

We provide services to companies and individuals, being in the awareness to identify our customers’ real needs.

We are specialized in several fields of activity and consulting.

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