Pending publication of the call LIFE 2017, which was planned for the day April 28, 2017, we report an indicative timetable of the sectors, sub-programs and deadlines (approximate):

Sub-sector - Deadline

Traditional projects:

  1. Actions for Climate (CCM - Mitigation of cimatici changes; CCA - Climate Change Adaptation; GIC - Governance and information on climate) 07/09/2017
  2. Environment (ENV- Environment and efficient use of resources 12/10/2017
  3. Environment (NAT - Nature and Biodiversity) 14/09/2017
  4. Environment (GIE - Governance and Environment Information) 14/09/2017

Preparatory projects:

Environment, 20/09/2017

Integrated projects - first phase:

  1. Environment 26/09/2017
  2. Action on climate 26/09/2017

Integrated projects - second phase:

  1. Environment in March 2018
  2. Climate Action March 2018

Frequently questions

  • Why contact EPM?

    Thanks to the transnational and the professionalism and competence of staff of EPM, contact EPM means relying on an established, able to effectively analyze the needs of the recipient, which guarantees the achievement of objectives, analysis and overcoming obstacles and therefore success in the activities and objectives.
  • How can EPM ensure all the skills listed?

    Thanks to participation in company of professionals with different specializations and partnership created over time through experience transactional allowing us to have partnerships with all sectors needed at the appropriate time, we can undoubtedly provide all the expertise declared without lacking in experience and professionalism in any field.
  • How does EPM to choose the most suitable consultants to the project?

    EPM carefully chooses the professionals of its staff to be assigned to a project. The choice is made based on various factors including the sector covered by the project, the targets of interest, and the client's needs and the specific experience that is valuable for the success of the project. The team referred to by the consultant is the same way Sectored, as to ensure the utmost professionalism and success.
  • On what areas / zones work EPM?

    EPM is based in Romania but has partnerships throughout the European Union which exploits diligently to operate in any area. EPM also employs a multilingual staff. Thanks to the knowledge of the English language can operate in any area and more knowledge of the Italian and Romanian language, we cooperate with many companies not only in the European context but also in national and local level.
  • What are the activities carried out by EPM, and in what areas?

    EPM has experience in many sectors and many activities. Thanks to the transnational partnership is able to make use of collaborations with professionals in various fields. EPM focuses on advice regarding the design, planning and achievement of objectives, organization of the conference and seminars, training courses and training, tutoring and organizational aspects and logistics to carry out the activities under the projects in which it participates. The EPM experience ranges from the green economy sectors so the bio-economy and renewable energy, tourism also meant as ecotourism and sustainable tourism. Not only that, EPM also deals with innovative solutions in the e-commerce field by supporting and helping companies in consulting and management regarding webmarket.
  • What is the customer EPM approach?

    EPM uses practical and essential methods facing all the problems encountered in an organized way. From the first meeting with the client, EPM performs a preliminary study to provide all the appropriate solutions, tailor-made, according to the specialization required. Thanks detailed organization of activities, the customer can interface at all times with the contact made available to the customer to follow the progress of the agreed project.
  • What are the customer's responsibility?

    It depends on the project. All phases of the project can be viewed by the customer at any time. Where it is considered appropriate, especially in the most important phases of the project, it will require the customer's cooperation in order to better define the key actions and activities possible. EPM provides a design support even if the customer wants to manage his own hand design, providing constant references consulted at any time.

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